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Muevense - Vinyl LP (Autographed)

Muevense - Vinyl LP (Autographed)

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Limited Edition Signed Copies available while supplies last!

Standard weight vinyl 

“MUEVENSE” showcases Marc Anthony’s journey as a musician, producer, and composer. Expect a blend of signature sounds alongside innovative compositions that push boundaries.

“Ale Ale” is the focus track of “MUEVENSE” a powerful anthem celebrating Latin pride, resonating with the shared heritage and traditions of Latinos worldwide.

Track listing:

DISC 1 - LP - Side A
1 Muevense
2 Punta Cana
3 Si Te Enamoro
4 Malos
5 Ojalá Te Duela

DISC 1 - LP - Side B
1 En la Distancia
2 Ale Ale
3 A Dónde Vamos a Parar
4 Pasemos a los Besos
5 Amarte a la Antigua

Limit 2 per customer or household.  Any order with more than 2 autographed LPs or multiple orders per customer will be automatically cancelled. 

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